Marketing is complicated. Let’s make it simple.

Most SME’s struggle with marketing. It’s difficult to know how to promote your business and stand out from competitors. Whether you have an in-house marketer or not, it can sometimes feel like you’re just throwing money away.

Your Marketing Doctor uses tried and tested methods to help make your marketing simpler and more cost effective. We apply big-brand thinking and marketing theory to small businesses, helping you find the best way to hook the right customers in.

1. Diagnosis

Let’s figure out what’s working and what’s not. This is more than an audit: We also often start with a simple exercise to determine who your customers are and the value you bring to them.

2. Prescription

Marketing strategy development. We help you create really simple short and long-term plans that can be put into action immediately.

3. Ongoing support

With our multi-skilled approach, we can support your business by working to implement your strategy and doing the work.

“I don’t know where to start.”

That’s OK. Most businesses are at a point of confusion or utter frustration when they contact me for help. Let’s have a call and we’ll advise you on where we can start.

Woman in green top, with a laptop and mug on a wooden desk

Hello, I’m the Marketing Doctor.

I get it. Marketing is really hard when you have limited resources. It can feel like nothing is really thought through or that you’re standing out from competitors. It just feels like money is being burned.

I’m Sophie Hudson, a Chartered Marketer and experienced SME consultant specialising in brand messaging, team alignment, planning, and customer centricity.

If you’re unsure what to do next, simply get in touch and we’ll arrange a chat.

Marketing workshops and online courses.

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