Fractional marketing support.

The Marketing Doctor on-call.

Taking on a full-time marketer can be daunting. If your business is ready to take the next step in creating marketing function, you need a multi-skilled marketing professional on board to help develop your marketing strategy and drive it forward. But if your business has functioned without a marketer until now, it can feel like a huge leap of faith.

By hiring The Marketing Doctor® as a “part-time” or fractional marketing manager, you get the benefit of an experienced and multi-skilled professional who can develop your marketing at a more comfortable pace that’s cash flow friendly.

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Benefits of a fractional marketer.

We work with businesses entering into a new phase of growth – where they are almost at the point of recruiting a marketer.

However, it’s a really daunting position to be in, especially if you have never recruited a marketer at this level before. In fact, most businesses we work with admit to putting off recruitment because of the salary commitment – or simply the worry of not finding the right person for the job.

We believe the SMEs that thrive are the ones with an experienced, strategic-level marketer on board. As a part-time “drop-in” CMO, The Marketing Doctor (AKA, Sophie Metcalfe) can develop the role, develop your marketing strategy, or even take your less experienced marketers under her wing. That way, you invest less money for greater return: A role ready made for the best candidate.

How it can work for your business.

  • Developing your marketers

We take your less experienced marketers under our wing, supporting them and developing their strategic skills, so they can work towards taking on the CMO role. Many SMEs have marketing execs who just need the guidance of an expert. We can do this over a short or long-term basis.

  • Developing a marketing role

If your business has never had a strategic-level marketer in post, we work to develop the role and “keep the seat warm” for when you are ready to recruit. This is an effective option if you are unsure of how the role should work within your business structure.

  • Long-term marketing support

Alternatively, it can be effective to keep us on as a part-time, freelance marketing officer. Over a longer timescale, we work within your business at a lower cost than a full-time salary. With our vast experience, we know how to make the most of a part-time role to make it super efficient.

“I have put my faith in Sophie to help manage delivery of the marketing strategy over two years. We are one year in, and I can see we are making great progress on tactics we had never tried before. For the first time we are getting organic enquiries – without burning money on things I don’t understand! She’s also helped us recruit a marketing apprentice and has taken them under her wing.”

Ian Forsyth, B1 Solutions Ltd.

Hi. I’m Sophie Hudson, The Marketing Doctor™

I am a Chartered Marketer and Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I have been working in all areas of marketing for the past seven years: strategy, planning, content creation, graphic design, web development, value proposition development, and digital marketing.

Working with any business I use tried-and-tested strategic planning frameworks to help businesses get their heads around what works for them and what doesn’t.

Working with me means you’ll get a down-to-earth view on marketing. No jargon, no over-complicated strategies, and no broken promises. My mantra is to simplify everything and make life easier for everyone.

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