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Marketing is hard when you can’t find the right words to explain what you do.

If you want more:

  • Sales

  • Profit
  • Market share

then you need a better way to hook the right customers in.

Hello, I’m The Marketing Doctor. I help SMEs work out the best way to communicate what they do. This is called Value Proposition – and it’s the thing that makes marketing much easier.

Without it, you’ll always feel like your marketing is boring, inconsistent, and not reflective of what you really stand for.

Getting your message wrong is costly.

If your branding and communications give off the wrong message, then you’re probably missing out on sales. If your perfect customers can’t immediately understand the value in what you’re selling, then they are probably running to your competitors instead.

A Value Proposition Clinic is the first step to getting it right. Here’s how it works…


Value Proposition Clinic

Using a very simple storytelling framework, we workshop who your customers are, their problems, and how you solve them.


Research and writing

We take all the ideas from workshop and a little more research before we write a simple Value Proposition Guide. This becomes your communication bible.



We help you over time to make sure you are keeping your message consistent across your marketing and communications.

Your customer
Uncover who your customers are and what makes them tick
Their problems
Uncover and target their pain points
Your value
Understand the DNA of your business and why it's valuable
The solution
Offer the remedy to solve your customer's problems
The plan
Set a plan of action your customers must take to buy from you
The jeopardy
The risk to the customer if they choose not to buy from you
The happy ending
Understand the ultimate result for your customer

Hook the right customers in…

By following a storytelling method, we develop your value proposition, making it easy to remember and apply to all your marketing in future.

In every movie you see and book you read, a hero will face problems and need the help of a trusty guide to avoid jeopardy and reach that happy ending. We place the customer as the hero in their story and you as the guide. Basically, your customers will think you’re Gandalf.

…and be seen as the best to buy from.

Your completed Value Proposition Guide will reignite your entire marketing strategy and unlock new creative ideas for marketing.

I’m a huge advocate of small business, especially when creative resources are sparse. I believe great creative marketing can be budget friendly. You just need to have nailed down a strong Value Proposition to help communicate what you do in a way that makes you stand out from competitors.

  • Effective brand messaging

  • Consistent messaging

  • Unlock creative ideas

  • Clear tone of voice

  • Stand out from competitors

  • Improve awareness
  • Focused brand development

  • Stronger team alignment

  • Foundation for strategy development

Trusted by small brands across multiple sectors.

“Our website is now a brilliant example of what a progressive financial services business website should look like. It would not be what it is without the expertise and vision of Your Marketing Doctor.”

Donald Fraser, Linear Financial Solutions

“Sophie helped us break down our services, allowing us to approach our marketing in an informed and effective way. We learned a great deal and will highly recommend The Marketing Doctor to any business owner we meet.”

Amie Hayes, Equip Your Mind

I’m Sophie Hudson, The Marketing Doctor™

I’ve been helping SMEs with marketing for over seven years, previously as a founding director of a marketing support agency. Before that, I was a journalist digging up and delivering the news across Yorkshire and the north.

Most businesses I’ve worked with have struggled to get their message right. Most fall in to the trap of saying exactly the same things as their competitors, or not being confident in their creative choices.

So, read a bit more about me and how I can help.

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