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Is my business suitable?2021-12-06T16:03:18+00:00

We work with any sized SME from any sector. We tend to find that established businesses with 50 or less employees get the most value from a 3-Day Marketing Clinic – especially the ones with little or no experience of marketing planning. Sole traders, smaller SMEs or micro-businesses are more likely to benefit from the 1-Day Marketing Clinic.

We tend to use freelancers or an agency to deliver our marketing. Can we still take part in a Marketing Clinic?2021-12-06T15:42:09+00:00

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we would say you must take part in a marketing clinic to make sure you are getting value for money. Your business’s relationship with an external supplier needs to be thoroughly managed and measured following a strict marketing plan.

The biggest mistake you can make is to give free reign to an agency or freelancer without a plan. The services they have sold to you may not be the most efficient techniques your business needs to sell more. A Marketing Clinic will uncover all the pros and cons of your relationship with them and help them deliver a greater return on your investment.

Where is the Marketing Clinic held?2021-12-06T15:59:58+00:00

Your Marketing Clinic can be held at your premises or ours. It can be beneficial to take part in a clinic away from your premises so there are no distractions of day-to-day work. We can comfortably cater for up to four team members in our board room (based at Pocklington, YO42 2AR).

Please note, the 1-Day Group Clinics are held at set locations.

Is the 3-Day Marketing Clinic held with other businesses present?2021-12-06T15:44:40+00:00

No. We will be completely focused on you.

What will we gain from a Marketing Clinic?2021-12-06T15:41:48+00:00

The end goal is to create a robust marketing plan that is easy to follow and track success. You will gain clarity on direction, identify simpler marketing processes that save you time and money, build stronger relationships between marketing and other departments – and gain confidence that your business can be more efficient.

Is there additional work we will need to do?2021-12-06T15:50:58+00:00

3-Day Clinic: There may be additional work you and your team will need to continue between sessions. We never run clinics on consecutive days so that you get time to apply theory – and prepare your thinking for the next session.

1-Day Clinic: We will ask you to complete a little bit of prep work before – and a bit of homework after your time in clinic. You will also get the option of additional support calls after – but then it’s up to you to continue the strategic work in order for your business to fully benefit.

For all marketing clinics, you will need to commit to the days away from your desk. This is vital in ensuring your business fully benefits.

Who attends a 3-Day Marketing Clinic?2021-12-06T15:44:00+00:00

It entirely depends on the size of your business and who you want involved. We usually suggest you (the business owner) and up to three members of your team. If you have marketing personnel, it is essential that they take part.

We just need a new website, so why would we need to take part in a Marketing Clinic?2021-12-06T15:42:17+00:00

If you know you need a new website, you have already identified that something is wrong. However, the biggest mistake we often see is when a business orders a new website without any planning. What return on investment should you expect? What functionality will make the website a sales machine? Who will manage the website and its sales capability?

A huge part of a Marketing Clinic is to uncover all your gaps in resourcing against your sales goals – and how to realistically fill them with the budget you are willing to invest. We also set small goals (known as Key Performance Indicators or “KPIs”) to make sure your website investment is made back and you start to profit from it.

Is a Marketing Clinic suitable for a sole trader?2021-12-06T16:01:58+00:00

1-Day Marketing Clinics:
Yes, these are suitable for sole traders, start-ups or micro-businesses.

3-Day Marketing Clinics:
This planning framework is better suited to established businesses with a team of people in different roles – or businesses with multiple “departments.” We work towards unifying everyone around a robust and detailed marketing plan – there is a lot of thinking and input needed from several brains for a business to fully benefit. We usually suggest up to four people in attendance.

I don’t want to upset our marketing manager. Will they take offence if we book a Marketing Clinic?2021-12-06T15:42:24+00:00

This is a common worry with marketing personnel. We are not here to upset the apple cart! We are here to help everyone do their jobs better.

The best marketeers should welcome fresh perspective and a chance to revisit marketing theory. We will happily spend time with your marketing personnel to talk through their worries – and hopefully calm any fears that they may be exposed as incompetent, which is the opposite of our goal.

A Marketing Clinic will strengthen the relationship between marketing, leaders, and the rest of the company.

How much is a Marketing Clinic?2021-12-06T15:57:44+00:00

1-Day Marketing Clinic – Group session (with up to 3 other businesses)
Suitable for one person per business run on set dates

1-Day Marketing Clinic – Individual business
Suitable for a small team of up to 4 people

3-Day Marketing Clinic
Suitable for a small team of up to 4 people
From £3,000 +VAT

We take a few things into account when we price up a 3-Day Marketing Clinic. Although we strictly follow our own 3-step framework in every clinic, each business has different areas that need deeper thought. The size and complexity of your business will also directly affect the price.

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