Hook the right customers in and be seen as the best to buy from.

In 3 simple modules, create a clear Value Proposition and apply it to your sales and marketing to win more business.

This course includes three online modules. This program will help you figure out how to attract the best customers with clear marketing messages. Learn the communication secrets creative agencies don’t want you to know – and see how easy it is to create effective sales and marketing hooks!

PLUS: 1-hour one-to-one feedback and support session with course leader, Sophie Hudson CMKtr.

Best for: Small business owners (doing the work yourself), and marketers of small businesses (with limited resources).


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Cost: £199 (inc. VAT)
(Launching in June 2023.)

  • Figure out who your best customers are and what their problems are.

  • Learn how to construct the most effective sales messages to hook them in.

  • Create a plan to apply your new key messages through your marketing and sales funnel.

Marketing is hard when you can’t find the right words to say what you do.

Getting the message right in your marketing is hard. Most small businesses struggle to find the words and feel like they’re out of ideas. In this three-part course, you will reignite your entire marketing strategy and unlock new creative ideas to attract the right customers.

  • Two online modules to complete in your own time.

  • One full day, in-person workshop with other likeminded businesses.

  • Get feedback and support as you complete all three modules.

  • Learn how to construct clear marketing messages.

  • Understand what drives your customers to buy.

  • Stand out from competitors and be seen as the best value.

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