Why hire a marketing consultant?

Now, let’s be very clear here. There are a gazillion marketing consultants out there, but they all do very different things.

It’s too easy to pay the wrong one a lot of money to leave you in pretty much the same place you started.

You have to be careful and think about WHY you need to hire a marketing consultant. Let me help you figure this out by taking you through this emotional rollercoaster to help you answer the question:

1️⃣ Any mention of the word ‘marketing’ raises your blood pressure.

It’s not that you don’t get marketing. But you feel like the people you pay to do it actually don’t get it. But you don’t know how to solve this, so you just let everyone carry on while you grit your teeth and hope that it all just goes away one day.

2️⃣ Your marketing person/team are unhappy bunnies.

Whether you have one single marketer or a team of creatives, something just isn’t gelling. There are no fresh ideas. Everything seems a little stagnant. People are leaving. You’re not rehiring because you don’t know if there’s actually a hole to fill.

3️⃣ You have no idea what to do next.

Most SMEs are in this boat. But when you get to a point where the board are shrugging shoulders and scratching heads over what marketing needs to do next – then you need serious help. Being here means there’s no strategy whatsoever. You’re going to have to start from scratch.

Any one of these three problems means you need a marketing consultant who specialises in


Hello, hi. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Don’t, whatever you do, go running to a marketing consultant who only deals in creative or digital strategy as a first step. You need to suss out your internal problems, figure out the direction you’re going, and get full team alignment, before you even start to think about all the pretty stuff.

I offer a no obligation free discovery call – get it all off your chest and we’ll go from there.

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