Marketing can be a source of frustration for any business leader, no matter the size of the organisation. Many feel that there’s a lot of time, money and resources being burned on marketing without much evidence of it working. That elusive return on investment rarely seems to present itself. 

Marketing should be intertwined throughout every aspect of a business helping to drive decision making, inform with insight and deliver greater profit. If you don’t feel like this is the case, then your organisation is a good candidate for a free Marketing Health Check. 

Can you relate to any of the following? 

  • “We feel like we’re burning money on marketing without knowing what works.” 
  • “We’ve been burned by a marketing agency in the past which didn’t deliver on its promises.” 
  • “We are growing, but we don’t have a robust marketing strategy.” 
  • “We don’t have a marketing strategy – and we’ve never had one.” 
  • “We need to recruit a marketing role, but we don’t know where to start.” 
  • “We don’t seem to keep hold of marketing people. The marketing team don’t seem happy” 
  • “Marketing feels like it’s all last-minute and without thought or process.” 
  • “Our messaging feels stagnant and we’re losing out to the competition.” 
  • “We just need an outside view on what’s not working or how we can do things differently.” 

These are just some examples of problems many businesses face when they come to me. However, every business is completely unique in its situation – and there can be many hidden problems below these ones. 

So, what’s involved? 

The Free Marketing Health Check is a 30-60-minute video call with me, Sophie Metcalfe (AKA The Marketing Doctor). It’s a chance for you to talk through your biggest problems and frustrations with marketing. I will ask you lots of questions in the time we have to help me understand your business and put together a recommendation on where to start.  

This call is to help me put together a realistic estimate and timeline for a Marketing Clinic series with your business. A Marketing Clinic usually involves a series of discussion sessions and workshops completely tailored to help solve your marketing problems. 

After our call, you will receive three things: A brief “next steps” recommendation report which will outline some ideas on what will help your business move forward with marketing. You’ll also get a draft of a proposed Marketing Clinic, including timescales, plus a realistic estimate of your investment. 

What happens after the Free Marketing Health Check? 

I will give you a short follow up call to explain my recommendations further and talk you through the possible next steps. If you need time to think about it, that’s absolutely fine. We will just schedule another follow-up to discuss your thoughts. 

Ready to take the next steps? Start now.