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3-Day Marketing Clinic2022-01-21T16:39:20+00:00


3-Day Marketing Clinic for businesses ready to take the next steps

  • Team involvement

  • 3 months support

  • Stop burning money

Many businesses find it difficult to understand what’s going wrong with their marketing – and will continue to burn money on activity that won’t work.

This 3-day Marketing Clinic (over an agreed timescale) will be entirely focused on your business. Working with The Marketing Doctor® (aka. Sophie Metcalfe MCIM), you and your team will figure out what’s going wrong and create a realistic plan to tackle marketing the right way.

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At the end, you will get:

  • Discovery call before (45 mins)

  • Marketing audit

  • Setting realistic objectives

  • Strategic marketing plan

  • Full consultancy support throughout

What you will work on:

Following our simple 3-Step strategy framework, together we will help you understand where your business is now, where you want to be and how you can get there.

  • Diagnosis of what’s not working

  • Uncover strengths and opportunities

  • Define your customers

  • Create marketing objectives

  • Figure out your next steps

Your investment

3-Day Marketing Clinic, from



Where is the Marketing Clinic held?2021-12-06T15:59:58+00:00

Your Marketing Clinic can be held at your premises or ours. It can be beneficial to take part in a clinic away from your premises so there are no distractions of day-to-day work. We can comfortably cater for up to four team members in our board room (based at Pocklington, YO42 2AR).

Please note, the 1-Day Group Clinics are held at set locations.

How much is a Marketing Clinic?2021-12-06T15:57:44+00:00

1-Day Marketing Clinic – Group session (with up to 3 other businesses)
Suitable for one person per business run on set dates

1-Day Marketing Clinic – Individual business
Suitable for a small team of up to 4 people

3-Day Marketing Clinic
Suitable for a small team of up to 4 people
From £3,000 +VAT

We take a few things into account when we price up a 3-Day Marketing Clinic. Although we strictly follow our own 3-step framework in every clinic, each business has different areas that need deeper thought. The size and complexity of your business will also directly affect the price.

We tend to use freelancers or an agency to deliver our marketing. Can we still take part in a Marketing Clinic?2021-12-06T15:42:09+00:00

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we would say you must take part in a marketing clinic to make sure you are getting value for money. Your business’s relationship with an external supplier needs to be thoroughly managed and measured following a strict marketing plan.

The biggest mistake you can make is to give free reign to an agency or freelancer without a plan. The services they have sold to you may not be the most efficient techniques your business needs to sell more. A Marketing Clinic will uncover all the pros and cons of your relationship with them and help them deliver a greater return on your investment.

Is there additional work we will need to do?2021-12-06T15:50:58+00:00

3-Day Clinic: There may be additional work you and your team will need to continue between sessions. We never run clinics on consecutive days so that you get time to apply theory – and prepare your thinking for the next session.

1-Day Clinic: We will ask you to complete a little bit of prep work before – and a bit of homework after your time in clinic. You will also get the option of additional support calls after – but then it’s up to you to continue the strategic work in order for your business to fully benefit.

For all marketing clinics, you will need to commit to the days away from your desk. This is vital in ensuring your business fully benefits.

Most businesses burn money on marketing without really knowing if it’s working.

By taking part in a Marketing Clinic, we diagnose your marketing problems and prescribe an effective plan in six simple steps. That way, you gain a realistic working plan to help increase sales.

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Sophie Metcalfe

The 6-Step
Marketing Clinic

Through a series of guided sessions, work on a no-nonsense marketing plan following frameworks and processes recommended by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.



1) Where are we now?
2) Where do we want to be?
3) Who are the best customers?



4) How to reach our customers
5) The plan of action
6) Staying on track
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What this is

  • A series of guided sessions with your team

  • Using tried and tested planning methods

  • A chance to work on your business

What this is not

  • A quick fix for your marketing

  • A confusing and bold claim of how to succeed

  • An unrealistic pipe dream

The end goal

A realistic marketing plan that everyone in your company is on board with, including:

  • Realistic, achievable goals over a set timeframe

  • Simplified processes so everyone knows what they need to do

  • Confidence that budgets will be well spent and see a return on the investment

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